Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 54

Hello, Family and Friends,

Lately I have been reading and growing in the theme of how we need opposition in all things.  Well, the last couple of weeks I have been feeling that opposition, haha!!   All is well, but as usual, trials come and go, so I asked for a blessing about a week ago from our district leader, Elder Diaz.  I had expressed some worries and frustrations to Hermana Post, but there were some other things that I had been worrying or frustrated about that I just kept to myself.  As I was getting the blessing I was overwhelmed at how everything I had been worried about was addressed in the blessing, EVERY SINGLE THING!!!  All my worries immediately went away and I felt peace in my mind and heart.  Let me tell you, the power of the Priesthood is very real and SUCH a blessing in my life.
To be quite honest, our investigator pool is very low, and none are really progressing, BUT sometimes that happens.  However, like always if we keep our faith and trust the Lord, he will guide us to those that need us. In this last week we were able to find 2 really cool people, Alana and Felix.

Alana: we found her walking along the street and contacted her.  She was nice and said she wanted to come to church and just wants the best for her and her son in a world that isn't getting any better.  Hermana Post will follow up with her this week.

Felix: we were contacting by Mayda's house yesterday and we found this man after 2 and a half hours of contacting.  He was the only person that talked to us, but he was super cool and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he took a selfie with us and the Book of Mormon and said, " No one has ever given me something like this,  let's take a picture"  haha!!  It made our day. 

SOOOOO, what you've been waiting for...TRANSFERS.  So, I received a call from President Smart last night and I have been called to be a Sister Trainer Leader (Zone Leader for Sisters) in the CAGUAS ZONE!  I'm going to be serving in Guayama, so I'm going to the Southeast side of the island right on the coast, AND I am going to be serving with HERMANA PEARCE AGAIN!  Round 2 with Hermana Pearce!  I was companions with her after my training in Ponce, and now we are going to be Sister Trainers together!  I feel so grateful for this opportunity to serve the missionaries in Caguas and the wonderful people there.  Words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for my family in Cabo Rojo.  I have been forever changed by the memories, experiences, and people there.  I am sad to say goodbye, but it's not for forever.  It will be very very hard, but "ire y hare" (I will go, I will do) what the Lord asks of me.  I am humbled and excited for this new opportunity and adventure, but mostly just excited to serve. :)

HURRICANE IRMA:  So, yeah this has been quite the week!  People had been mentioning the storm and this Hurricane, but we didn't think it was actually going to happen, but hey there's always a first for everything, right?  So, we woke up Saturday morning and went over all the safety procedures and everything is under control.  I am not worried or freaking out, so don't worry Mom!!  I know that you will still worry, but just know that I am calm.  President Smart has prepared us and we've got everything under control.  From what it looks like, we are probably going to get hit by something, but we won't know what until later today or tomorrow.  When we do know, we were told that we would be given orders on whether to stay at home, or if they are going to evacuate us.  We are being updated by text.  All we can do now, is pray that everything will be okay and that the Island and people of Puerto Rico will be okay - Prayers are appreciated! :)  I am confident that the Lord has a plan, and whatever that is, I am willing to trust Him, and I take comfort in the Plan of Salvation, that I will be okay! :)  But don't you worry, I am already one step ahead! *finger guns* The Hurricane bag is all packed with my stuff, which, yes Mom,  it includes my meds in a ziploc. :)

I will miss Hermana Post, but I know she is going to do great things still in Cabo Rojo!  She has been such a blessing in my life these last three months and I am excited to see how she blossoms into an even greater missionary!  Thanks for letting me meet her, Stephanie! (Hermana Post's mom. hello Hermana Post's mom).  This has been quite the week, with transfers and prepping for Hurricane Irma, one could definitely feel stressed.  But, I feel extremely calm. I am grateful for the power of prayer and the comfort that we can seek from the Holy Ghost.  Sometimes, we pass through unexpected personal "Hurricanes" that may do lots of damage in our own personal lives.  Sometimes we are prepared for these storms, and sometimes we are not.  But, we can always be prepared to endure these storms and trials as we hold and strengthen our lives on Jesus Christ and His gospel.  It is what will bring us safety and peace in times of need.  "Sweet is the peace the gospel brings" is a line from one of my favorite hymns.  I am reminded of how blessed and grateful I am for these experiences and these trials.  As we learn to lean upon the Lord, we will be comforted in even the most unexpected of storms.  I testify of the blessings that come from living the gospel and doing everything we can to strengthen our self.  I know that as we pray with faith, we act on what we receive, we read the scriptures, we love one another, and we choose to be like Christ, our lives will be filled with joy and lasting happiness!!!

I love you all so very very much and I am grateful for the support you show me!
Always praying for you,

Hermana Green

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