Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 7

Hermana Green has completed her first week in Puerto Rico not without some challenges.  Kali didn't have much time to write being the first week but here is a snippet of what she shared with her family.  Like any new missionary going into a new area and adjusting to a new environment it was a bit of a struggle and her faith was tested.  She received a Priesthood blessing from President Boucher her mission president.  After some words of encouragement from him and her family she is doing good now. She is immersed in the work and grateful for the many prayers and support on her behalf.  Kali is grateful for the trials that she is experiencing and the ability she has to grow and learn from them. We are looking forward to Monday and hearing more details to where she is serving and the faith building experiences she is having.

Please continue to write to Hermana Green.  She loves hearing from family and friends and uplifts her every day knowing that she has the support of everyone back at home.

Early Morning Testimony Meeting with all the Missionaries

Pictures are from Sister Boucher the Mission Presidents Wife she said, "It was amazing to hear the testimonies about personal revelation from their missionaries.  It was fun to be all together."

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