Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 43

My new Sweet Companion Hermana Post.

Hola Family & Friends,

My new companion. Hermana Post is so great!!  She's from Arizona and is so so awesome.  She is 20, almost 21 and is so fun to be around!  Living with us is Hermana Zimmerman and her new comp, Hermana Theline (pronounced tuh-leen) she is HILARIOUS.  And our house of four is killing my abs with laughter haha.  We have the best of times.  I have figured out that all three of them remind me of three very good friends of mine so that's really fun.

Spiritual experiences: So we were looking for this one less active lady who has 6 kids (all not baptized, but they all want to be baptized!) who the elders were visiting.  So we were walking to find her street and we saw to our right, two older women, so we decided to go talk to them before we went to try and find this less active lady's house.  We started talking and it turned out to be the mom of the less active lady - what, It was crazy!! Then, the less active lady comes and joins us with three of her daughters and it was so cool!  We shared our testimonies about how families can be together forever and sang the primary song, "Families Can Be Together Forever" and testified of the gospel and it was so cool seeing them all feel the Spirit.   After we ended our little chat and got a return date to visit Yahira (the less active lady) and her family, I overheard them as we were walking away say, "wow. that was a sign from God."  I was happy once again to witness another miracle from the Lord! 

Nicole: after she said last week she wants to be baptized, we are still trying to figure out what is impeding her from actually committing to a date to be baptized.  We are hoping to get a fecha (baptism date) with her this week, I will keep you posted.  Please continue to pray for her!

Leeandra: she is ignoring us ):, so we are going to drop her for a couple days to give her some space.  We are not really sure why this is happening, but we aren't too worried.  We feel strongly that all will work out!

Mayra y Anjomil: they are SO CUTE and perfect.  They were the Elder's old investigators who have a fecha (baptism date) for June 30th.  We are trying to help Mayra recognize answers to her prayers so she feels good about being baptized. We are going to see them tomorrow

Can you in your next package please send me a pink CTR ring for Alex's daughter Lexi? (we've become best friends with her). 

So, yesterday was Father's Day, I am so so grateful for my father.  My Dad is just the best!  There is no other way of putting it.  Ever since I was little, I have always looked up to my Dad as one of my greatest heroes.  He is such an incredible example of being a disciple of Christ and is one of the most hardworking, generous, and service-oriented people I know.  He is constantly thinking about others and seeing that over the years has always had an impression on me.  He has taught me some of life's greatest lessons and is constantly building me up, helping me achieve, "anything I put my mind to."  Despite the trials he's faced, he doesn't let them get in the way of his happiness as a road block.  He has taught me so many things, the list goes on and on.  But I am so grateful that he is my Dad, because no one else could ever fill that role.  I love you so much, Dad.  Thank you for everything and thank you for being you!! 

Have a wonderful week, and someone please give my Dad (and Mom) a hug from me! 

Love, Hermana Green

Picking Up Hermana Post from the Mission Home and got to see Hermana Josie.
At Church with Waddy & Hermana Post.

Our Ward had a Surprise Fathers Day Luncheon.

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