Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 41

We Love Service Opportunities!


Chacho (that means, Oh Man in Spanish, well.. Puerto Rican Spanish at least, haha.).  So to start, this week, I had been kinda burdened with the idea that I wasn't rising up to my potential as a missionary and as a trainer and it was really weighing me down.  When I started my fast, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father if He would let me know if I was doing the job He wanted me to do in Cabo Rojo, and if I wasn't, then let me know what I need to fix. After that prayer, I had one of my most spiritual Sacrament Meetings ever!!  As you know, it was Fast Sunday yesterday, and we had a miracle of 3 of our investigators come to church!  The Elders in our Ward brought another 4 investigators and we were all just beaming with happiness before church even started.  I love walking into the church and just saying hello to all the people I love so, so, so much here in Cabo Rojo.  Then, when the bearing of testimonies started, my heart was just pounding out of my chest because I felt the spirit so strong, and I had the strongest impression to share my testimony on the experience with Grandpa and how that has strengthened my testimony on the Plan of Salvation.  I bore my testimony and felt really, really loved from my Heavenly Father after that.  THEN IT GETS BETTER, ALEX stands up and starts walking up to the pulpit (Note: he has never born his testimony until this point) he starts bearing his testimony about his conversion, and said, "then... God sent two angels my way so they could show me the truth, and the way to happiness."  Then, he turns to me, and says over the pulpit, "I know it's hard to lose your Grandpa and not be with your family, but God sent you here because I needed you!"  I LOST IT, I was crying like a baby because of how grateful I was for this answer to my prayer, this confirmation that Heavenly Father is SO AWARE of us, and that He truly has a plan for all of His children.

Ivette and Nicole, what a MIRACLE!   So we went last Wednesday to help Cindy do a service project at her Grandpa's house.  We met Carmen (a new investigator) on the way to the service project at her work, and we got finished with Carmen 10 minutes before we were supposed to be at Cindy's Grandpa's house, which will take us about an hour to walk there.  Frantically, I am calling members to see if any of them can give us a ride, no luck.  Then, a thought popped into my head, "call Ivette", "what?!", I thought.  No way, shes totally been ignoring us, the last thing she wants to do is give us a ride somewhere, but we called anyway.  And to our surprise, she was down to give us a ride!  it was CRAZY!!  When we got to Cindy's Grandpa's house, we set up an appointment with Ivette for that Friday.  We went on Friday, and taught them about tithing, and that was the last thing they needed before they could get baptized.  They came to church, but only for the first hour because they had a funeral to go to, but we have a cita (appointment) with them on Tuesday and we are going to invite them to be baptized. Wish us luck!!

Leeandra:  SHE CAME TO CHURCH and she FINALLY PRAYED OUT LOUD!  The miracles of fasting!!!  We are going to start helping her cut down on smoking this week.

So Happy to See Leeandra At Church!

Maria:  She's new!  We met her yesterday while contacting in a new part of the city, and she has been taught by missionaries before!  We got into talking and told her how I am adopted and the little boy she was holding (her son) happens to be adopted too!  Her husband doesn't like a lot of religious things, but she was so kind and so receptive and we have a cita (appointment)  with them on Miercoles (Wednesday), so we're super excited for that!

We had a CRAZY storm last week, seriously one of the loudest (if not THE loudest) thunder storms I have ever heard before in my life!!  OH MY GOSH IT WAS THE BEST getting to see Hermana Larsen and her family last week, as they came back to Puerto Rico to visit, since she returned home from her mission in April. I just love her so much, and I am so glad we're all friends.  Also, I really like how they came back like a month or two after Hermana Larsen left, we should do that (if we have the dinero of course).

Transfers are next week and I am DYING to know what happens.  I honestly have no idea.  I would love, love, love to stay in Cabo Rojo because I feel like we are on FIRE (well quite literally because its so HOT HERE!!) right now with missionary work.  I dont feel like my work here is done yet.  I would love to see a baptism with Hermana Zimmerman, and I am not ready to leave my Ward and the people here.  I may or may not have cried a couple times thinking that one day I will have to leave Cabo Rojo.  But, just like Nephi, "Ire y hare" (I will go and do) whatever the Lords wants me to do!!  As much as I want to stay, it's not my mission, it's the Lord's.  He knows where I am needed and whatever happens I will be okay with it. 

This week is going to be so, so, so exciting!  We have Zone Conference on Friday and the Elders have a Baptism Friday night with GEORGE!  I just love George.  We've been asked as a District to sing at Zone Conference and my District Leader, Elder Willes texted us asking what ideas we had for a song.  So we are singing Armies of Helaman.  I just read about it in the Book of Mormon, so I am stoked.  OK, back to George.  I love this man.  He is an example of true conversion, no matter what the cost is.  He is just so great.  I have taught Gospel Principles the last couple of weeks and he came up to me and said, "You are a natural born teacher."  I knew these things, but your teachings have ingrained them in my heart, thank you so much.  He is from New York and so he said that in english, I died, he is so kind.  He told us yesterday in church that there was only "136 more hours till my baptism!".  Love him.

We are going to help Cindy some more tomorrow with some service. I love service. 
We have gotten SUPER close with a lot of the members and we are having a lot of family home evenings and the Ward is really bonding. I just love it here.

Dad, Your spiritual thoughts are always BOMB. I'm glad you liked the scripture I sent you in Alma.  I loved how you related MCO music to the gospel.  It reminds me of that one conference talk Elder Holland gave in the last conference and how he related it all to CHOIR, I WAS DYING.  Also the Les Mis reference that Elder Renlund did was amazing as well.  This week I have really been focusing on trying not to sweat the small stuff. 

OKAY DALLIN GOT HIS BRACES OFF????????? AND DALLIN, PENELOPE AND CLARK LOOK SO GOOD AT THE BROADWAY CONCERT, I CANT HANDLE IT!!!  I screamed when I saw the picture of Tison and Aunt Kelley at the Broadway Concert. I love them all!

I sure do love being a Missionary! For those that are thinking of whether or not to go, GO. You will not regret it. 

I love you all,

Hermana Green

Visiting with Hermana Cruz!
One of our Members Backyards.  Puerto Rico is so Beautiful!

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