Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 11

Sisters for eternity

P-Day in Ponce

SURPRISE! So today was the only day we could email, we had a zone activity Monday AND all libraries were closed because Puerto Rico had their elections. Speaking of.. who won ours?! I heard it was trump?

Hola Family and Friends! It's Thursday and not p-day haha. Today was the first day in the week we could write because there was elections going on here and nothing was open. But we had a zone activity monday so that was fun!  but boy oh boy do I have some crazy stories for you!

So like three weeks ago, we were walking down the trail we walk everyday to get into the city, and along the way we always see iguanas. As we were walking, we saw this huge one that was stuck in this fence! We thought it was dead at first but then we saw it breathing. I had my umbrella, and Hermana Josie tried holding the fence sideways so we could maybe help it out. 20 minutes later and we still had no luck. So we decided to pray for help! (I know it sounds silly, praying for an iguana, but we felt really bad for it). Not even 30 seconds after we prayed, this man walks by and sees what we're trying to accomplish and he gets it out within a minute! Apparently he had done this a lot before so he was able to help us and then he left. It was a cool lesson to learn, that sometimes we think we can do things on our own, and there comes a point where we can't do it alone. When we turn to Heavenly Father, he'll help us, and know HOW to help us everytime. Even if it's to help an iguana out of a fence. (:

Halloween was really fun! We only worked for an hour, because it can get a tad dangerous at night so we came back in and "dressed up" and had a cute little photoshoot of all of our costumes, Hermana Josie made pumpkin cookies, and we played games. Hermana Josie was a witch, I was a bear, and Grandma Bird and Grandma Gutteriz ( we call them our grandmas) dressed up as grandmas! We had a lot of fun. 

Okay so this was one of the biggest miracles I've had so far on my mission. Mom, don't get scared okay! This has a great ending. 

So last week, Hermana Josie and I on the same night had a dream that we were being kidnapped. (Mom don't freak out) We thought that that was super weird, but didn't think much of it. Two days later, we were walking home from a far neighborhood called Caobos. It takes about an hour and a half to walk back from there and it was already dark outside. Along the way we saw this dog. And usually stray dogs here are scary and they usually chase us or try to attack us but it just stared at us and didn't bark and it was in our way so we just stood there for about 30 seconds and then after decided to go around it. As we made our start to head home, this dog started to follow us. We thought that it was funny because that never happens and joked about how funny it would be if it followed us all the way home. Well, it did. The WHOLE WAY. And we decided to name him Gary. (like the name, Dad?) And he was super cute and was just walking with us, and at one point we saw a man in front of us and Hermana Josie and I, as always, said,"Hola, Buenas" and he didn't say anything and walked right past us. We thought that was kinda weird too but we kept going. We got to our neighborhood, and continued working the rest of the night, Gary still was following us. Hermana Josie and I sat down on a curb to take a break, and Gary sat with us, and she told me that the man we passed looked EXACTLY like the man she saw in her dream, in the same place, at the same time in the dream. We both quickly realized that it wasn't a coincidence at all that Gary, our little miracle dog, had been a protection for us. We know that we were protected that night, and we gave thanks that we were kept safe. Heavenly Father really does protect his missionaries.

Gary the Miracle Dog!

Our Protector Gary!

Another crazy miracle! So Last week I mentioned the reference we got from Awilda, a member in our ward. She asked us to go visit her Daughter, Leonani, and Her son in law, Alexis. So ever since Awilda told us that Alexis knew we were special and that our message touched his heart, we went back almost everyday last week. Well, we tried to. We would have it planned and then either, they wouldn't be home, or we would meet people along the way to their house who we talked to, whatever it was, Satan was making it really hard for us to get there. On Sunday we were about to turn the corner to go visit them and try again. We had had a pretty hard week and we decided that we would pray and ask that they would be there. We said a prayer, turned the corner and AWILDA AND LEONANI HAD JUST GOTTEN TO THEIR HOUSE AND WERE PARKING IN THE DRIVEWAY. We immdiately started tearing up, because this truly was a miracle. We were able to have a lesson with Awilda and Leonani( Alexis was working) and we have a lesson with them tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We taught about the importance of families and she absolutely LOVED it. She's super cute and has a little baby boy that's two months old named Adiel. She's young too, and she is excited to learn more and WANTS Alexis to be able to get work off and work around his schedule so he can be in the lessons too. Hermana Josie and I have been praying this entire transfer for a family that could be baptized. And I really hope that this is our family. 

Miracles happen every day in the mission, as well as everyday in our lives. You dont have to be on a mission to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in your life. But when you do see them, don't forget to say a prayer of gratitude. 

Your prayers are felt everyday. I am so grateful for all of you.

Till Next week!
All my love, 
Hermana Green.

A Snip it of Our Letter to Share:

 I have really come to love my ward here. They are absolutely amazing. Rafa (my ward mission leader) is MY FAVORITE. He is so funny and is hardworking and wants to throw us all going away parties when we leave. We had a family home evening a couple days ago at Lohari's house and it was also a goodbye party for Hermana Guttierz because shes going back to mexico next week and i am so sad because i am going to miss her a TON. She's so incredible and it was so cool because everyone that came were all the poeple in our ward who we're close to. The Quirindungo's a family of converts who are young and so hilarious. Great people. They have an 18 year old daughter named cassidy, and a 12 year old boy and i forgot his name but Carlos and Jennifer the husband and wife are SO COOL. They do crossfit together and they speak spanish and english. Jafet and Ziomarra are in their late 20s and also speak english and spanish and they are hilarious. Rafa came, and then the four of us, and Lohari's huge family. It was so amazing and I LOVE these people so so so so much. i cant wait for you to meet them.

But seriously I love the mission. I love Ponce. Even though it is ridiculously hot here, the ward is amazing. Please continue praying for Alexis y Leonani, my spanish, and the help of the members. Weve been fed by the members twice here so thats cool.

I will email you on Monday! LOVE YOU

Hermana Green

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