Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 13

Hermana Josie & Hermana Green

Holaaaaaa from Puerto Ricoooo,

So this week is Thanksgiving! Woo! Puerto Ricans go HAM for Thanksgiving. We have three appointments set to eat on Thanksgiving and I am slightly nervous because Puerto Ricans like to feed you a TON of food in general, and we'll be getting even BIGGER portions that day too. So that'll be fun. But we are having our traditional "American" thanksgiving tonight, because food for Thanksgiving is a bit different here, so it's the best of both worlds!

This week was good! A bit rough, but it's all good. Blessings come. 
We didn't get to see Alexis y Leonanni this week because Leonanni and their son Adiel were both sick, but she texted us last night and wants to see us on Wednesday! So that'll be fun. 

Yesterday we had one of our past investigators, Gilberto, come to church with us! Hermana Josie and her last companion had taught him practically everything in September and has gone to church a lot, the members know him, and apparently he even asked if he could bear his testimony(on a sundaythat wasn't fast and testimony meeting) and invited the whole ward to his baptism! But the problem that he has is that his mom is kind of unsure of him being baptized, so he wasn't able to get her permission and be baptized.  But last week he ran into the other sisters, said he was going to come to church with us, and he did. We went over to his house a couple hours after church and read 3 Nephi 11 with him and his mom. His mom has been in the hospital up until yesterday, and it was nice having them both be in the lesson. After we read through the chapter, the spirit was SO strong and we extended the baptism invitation to him again, and his mom was hesitant again. But after bearing our testimonies and after she saw how much it meant to him, she softened up a little, but she still doesn't think he's prepared. It was hard leaving that lesson without a baptismal date set for him, but we arent giving up. I know it'll happen. It's just all in the Lord's timing. 

We sat a baptism with one of our investigators Sandra! WOOOOOOO! She also gave us this Puerto Rican dessert called Timbleke (not sure if that was correct spelling) and it's like this coconut pudding. It's really good! And her grandchildren were with her during our lesson and they drew us pictures. It was so cute.

With Thanksgiving being this week, I've been doing a lot of reflecting and I realized a took a lot of things for granted before my mission. I also remembered the things that I have been very lucky to be blessed with. Being on a mission really helps you see what's truly important to you. I have been blessed with an amazing family, wonderful friends and leaders and teachers who have impacted my life, and to have been blessed with a house, food, and a church and temple close to where I grew up. A lot of people here don't have majority of the things I listed. And yet, these people are stll so humble, and they are grateful for the things they do have. I want to thank all of you for the impact you all have made in my life. And don't forget to serve others this week, hug your family (and someone please hug mine for me this week!), be grateful for all the things that are in your life!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

-Hermana Green

Check out my Missionary tan!

Love Hermana Santamaria and Hermana Bird. Yay Disneyland!

Snippet from Kali's Letter to her Parents:
So we have set Thanksgiving with 3 different people. Carmen and Ediebierto this old couple who are super sassy and sarcastic and they give us a ride to church every week. Then we have one scheduled with Alfredo, a menos activo(less active member) who is like a pro chef so that's exciting. And then we have dinner with Kayshla and Jose, Kayshla is the new convert of Hermana Bird and Hermana Guti (rip she left last week and i miss her so much ugh) and she LOVES ME. She always sees me and gives me this huge hug and calls me Green. Her daughter Kayshlean is ADORABLE. She has to be like 1 or 2. They're excited to have us.

Hermana Bird from Missouri, Hermana Josie from Utah, Hermana Santamaria from Mexico
& Hermana Green from California

I really really miss the temple. That's one thing I really miss. The people here need to keep the commandments better, and then they can have a temple. Not even joking that is one of the reasons why we dont have a temple. for stake conference Elder Gamiette (SUCH A COOL GUY I MET HIM HES ONE OF THE 70) spoke and pointed that out. Awkward. Incase you don't already, you guys should set aside one day (at least) everyday and go to the temple and do work. I wish i had that opportunity. So you both should do it!  Sorry I scared you with those stories but i only said it to show that the Lord keeps us safe!!!  I hope we can put a fecha for alexis and leonanni this week!

I love love love love the book of mormon. It seriously is just coming to life. I have really felt the change in my life of taking the time to study it and read it everyday. Seriously does wonders. I love the Book of Mormon.

Also random things:
Dad remember how you always used to honk at missionaries when we were in the car together? and how i said that it would scare them and you didnt believe me? IT TOTALLY DOES SCARE MISSIONARIES. We get honked at everyday and it scares me so bad hahahahaha. 
Hermana Josie and i were talking about family christmas traditions and got reminded of the many times we would all watch home alone 1 and 2 and dad would always sing "MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS" during the credits of Home Alone 2. I was dying.
-A couple days ago Hermana Josie and i went up to this contact that we set a cita with, and we yelled a couple times saying hello, and all of a sudden we will rock you starts playing and no one comes outside. it was so funny. 

Oh! and before I go, that bag that you said you didnt remember buying? I got that personally made for me in the mtc! This guy was making and selling them. Super cool.

Love You,
Hermana Verde

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