Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 12


Sorry we didnt write AGAIN, i was very bummed but here i am today!

Hope you all are doing well.. Considering it hasn't been a week since I've written not too much has gone on but some more miracles! yay miracles!

Leonanni and Alexis: Remember how we were supposed to have a lesson with them on Thursday night? Well, that didn't happen and we were sad but it turns out the Adiel, their two month old baby had gotten super sick, and they couldn't pay for their phone bill because they had to pay for all the hospital and emergency room bills, it was so sad. But he's doing better! But everyday we tried to go, and on Saturday night, we decided to walk by, and it was a miracle! Both Leonani and Alexis were home and we were able to teach them BOTH. It. was. amazing. We talked about our purpose as missionaries, and how we are here to help people come unto christ, and how that leads to baptism. As we were sharing our testimonies at different points during the lesson, Alexis was tearing up and getting emotional, and I could tell that we were sharing really impacted him. He later told us that we were different. He said," You two are different. For a long time I never opened the door to strangers because I knew that they were people from religions trying to convert us, and they would yell at us telling us how we needed to change. But you guys walk everywhere. And you kept coming back, and got to know our family, and I knew there was a reason why. You made us feel something different, and you bring hope" I could've died right there. My heart was so full. And we extended the baptismal invitation to them, and I think Leonanni was about to say yes right then and there, but Alexis said that he would definitely try, but he wants to be sure that if he commits that he won't leave, and if he's all in, he's all in. That actually comforted us a lot. And they both really love what the gospel brings to their home and family. They also told us that we have a piece of their hearts! I AM EXPLODING FROM JOY. And he's also learning how to pray so that's good. and then if life couldn't get any better, LEONANNI CAME TO CHURCH WITH US AND ADIEL AND SHE WAS CRYING FROM FEELING THE SPIRIT! And Alexis is coming next week! I LOVE THE GOSPEL. 
We were actually able to go over to their house today before we came here and helped her by doing service for her and all that jazz. It was great. We took a picture with her. We also got into talking about christmas with them, and Puerto Ricans put their Christmas lights up starting before Halloween. And there are more and more houses putting lights up so we asked them if they were, and they said that they didn't have enough money to provide their small family christmas this year, and that broke my heart. SO what Hermana Josie and I decided to do, is that we're going to bring Christmas to them! We are thinking of some things we can do for them, like buying them cute decorations and a cute little christmas tree. We will keep updating you on that. But I can feel the Savior's love for this family. It warms my heart. I love them so much.
Leonanni & Adiel

Hermana Josie and I get almost attacked by TONS of dogs, and sometimes chickens. And on Sunday night, we were walking back to our house, and this HUGE DOG JUST STARTS RUNNING FULL SPEED, and he's not on a leash and we have no where to hide, so we both start screaming and all I could think was,"this is it. this is where I die. I am going to die" and then somehow in one swift motion, Hermana Josie and I both tried to protect eachother but Hermana Josie shoved me into the fence and ripped her bag off her body and starts SWINGING it to protect me. The owner said,"the dog wasn't going to do anything, you're fine" WHAT. Crazy. But Hermana Josie saved my life haha. She's the best.

Hermana Green & Hermana Josie


Homemade Nugs with Hermana Josie.

Hermana Josie, Hermana Bird and Hermana Green

Oh! We're singing in our Stake choir for our Stake Christmas Program and I am SO happy! Our ward is doing two songs, and we're doing one big one as a stake. I feel just at home performing and it's such a blessing that I have the opportunity to sing here. They love music so much. I am so excited!

The Hermana's and Elders
Hermana Gutierrez, Hermana Josie, Hermana Green & Hermana Bird

This morning in my personal study I came across a quote that I really liked that I felt impressed to share:
"No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, God will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is not His character to do so. He will always stand by us. We may pass through the fiery furnace; we may pass through deep waters; but we shall not be consumed nor over-whelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and purer from them"
 -George Q. Cannon

I absolutely love this. This is what I live by. Life is hard. But, we have a loving Heavenly Father who has prepared a way out of every single trial we face. I know this to be true. He won't ever leave us. Call out to Him. Cry out to Him. Let your guard and pride down and ask for help. I promise you you will receive this divine help. He loves you. 

I love you as well! Thank you for the never ending support.

Love always, 
Hermana Green

Snipits from our Letter we wanted to share:

Today during Doce Semanas, (our hour of new missionary training hermana josie and i do every day), we were reading about the book of mormon. And you wanna know something cool? If you gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, EVERYTHING else HAS to make sense. Becasue when you gain a testimony of the Book Of Mormon and you know it's true, that also means that Joseph Smith IS a true prophet, and that modern-day revelation is true. and if THAT's true, then that means that there IS a God who is mindful of his children in today's day, and not only in the old ancient times. Which means that he's listening to our prayers. And it has so many more conncetions. Its so cool. Ahh.

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