Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 15


Hello Family & Friends,

This week was a little more difficult, we had a hard time with references and with member presence as well, but that happens.  Like President Boucher says, "Control only what you can Control".  So that's what we do.  We are excited for a new week, a new month, and new miracles.  None of our investigators came to church yesterday ):  All of them had something come up, but we are not giving up!  I am grateful to be here, and grateful to have such incredible examples placed in my path to help to me along the way.

 I did the hardest fast in my life and my Spanish is slowly getting better. We had a district acvitivy and went bowling today.  We had pizza at Leunanis house on Saturday, and don't I don't have enough time to write a ton today. 

RAUL PACHECO, I LOVE THAT MAN! He is one of our less active members we are trying to help reactive. He is super cool.The picture was from our ward party we had on friday! but I love you very much! Also the other lady in the picture is sylvia our other menos activo.

Raul Pacheco in the back with other members at a ward activity

Sylvia, Hermana Josie, Green & Santamaría

I played for a family home evening on thanksgiving at Lohary's house. OKAY ALSO FUN FACT SO ON THE 16TH WE ARE HAVING THIS HUGE CHRISTMAS CONCERT FOR OUR STAKE AND IT IS GONNA BE BROADCASTED ON THE INTERNET SO YOU CAN WATCH IT.   I got to lead a sectional at the rehearsal last night (you should tell tison that lol) 

A Snip it from Kali's Letter to her Family:
There is a statistic that is in the church, that says that it takes 7 encounters with the church for someone to be interested/take the lessons.  So when people run away (yes people literally run in their houses and hide from us. Hahahaha) Slam the door, say, "NO ME GUSTA", or just don't even talk to us, I just remind myself that we are number something of the seven.  All that matters is that an invitation is extended.

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