Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 17

Feliz Navidad! (casi) (almost)

My lovely friends and family, I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and enjoying the blessings our Heavenly Father has given us, like family, friends, and many more.

This week was so amazing! Gilberto got baptized! POR FIN! It was so cool, because in this baptismal service we actually had 3 people baptized! All from different wards in our stake. It was so cool! There really is no happier feeling than seeing Gilberto go under the water and come back up, smiling, and being grateful for the decision he made to be baptized. And you sit there, watching this happen, and realize, that this wasn't you at all. It was Heavenly Father, and we just were the instruments. What an honor.

This week is Leunani's baptism! AHHHHHHHHH we are beyond excited! It has been such an incredible journey with her and I am so grateful for this experience. She is so excited. Best Christmas present. Ever.

Tonight we have our zone Christmas Party and I am singing.  REAL FOOD!!    I also got to sing at our Zone Conference last weekend.

This Christmas will be a tad different considering I am away from home, but there is no place i'd rather be. I am honored that I have this opportunity in my life to share the gospel with everyone I meet. Every day is a day to look forward to here in the mission. No gift compares to the gift that is Our Savior. Thanks to him, we have the opportunity to live again, live with our families, and find the most happiness possible in this life. He is our grand example and if we strive everyday, little by little, doing acts of kindness and service, loving our fellow men, and following his example, we are going to feel the joy of Christmas all year round.

Have a merry Christmas!

Hermana Green

Snip it From Our Letter:
I really have felt peace while being here during christmas. I thought it would be worse but I am really just doing my best to lose myself in the work. And I am seeing the fruits of our labor as we have two baptism in a row! Leunani's baptism is this weekend and I am beyond ecstatic. I am really feeling the spirit of christmas here, puerto ricans know how to celebrate christmas. But also, more important than that, I am here, where i need to be, spreading the gospel, and"glad tidings of great joy" to these lovely people. I am overjoyed.
Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've changed, but looking back at these last four months, my whole perspective on life has changed. Every aspect of my life. It's incredible what the mission does. I am doing my best to honor our family name, and the name of the Savior.

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