Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 18

Hermana Green is Staying in Ponce for Another Transfer!

FELIZ NAVIDAD well it passed but you know what I mean

I do hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! I had a wonderful one myself. Nothing better than being able to talk to family! It was so so so great. I love my family. (someone please give my family a hug for me. thanks)

Wow this week was great!
We had our zone christmas party on tuesday night, and Hermana Bird and I sang,"La Primera Navidad" for our zone, and President and Hermana Boucher. I accidently knocked a hymn book off their piano before we sang and the only thing I could say in that moment was,"Lo siento.. feliz navidad". Everyone laughed. I was embarrased but laughed at myself. (some things never change even during a mission) hahahaha.

Pres. & Sister Boucher at our Zone Christmas Party (I'm laughing cause Pres. Boucher said he feels tall standing next to me)
Hermana Nottingham, Elder Leon receiving Christmas Gifts from home (They were in the MTC with me!)

LEUNANNI GOT BAPTIZED! It was such a beautiful baptism. It seriously is so amazing to see this progress of people you learn and grow to love. We sang,"Families Can Be Together Forever" and the spirit was so strong. Leunanni is the youngest out of her family, and her mom, Awilda, is the only other member. And Awilda bore her testimony on how Heavenly Father is answering her prayers and having her children find joy in the gospel,and be baptized even if it starts out with the youngest one. It was so beautiful. So many tears of joy were shed that day. Alexis was able to come too! Such a beautiful day. 

Leunanni and her Son on Her Baptism Day!
Leunanni's Husband Son and Family

Leuannani got Baptized Christmas Eve!!!!

This week out in the field, we focused a lot of our contacting on Luke 2, the story of the birth of Christ. And we focused on the pastores. (shepherds) and how they came with "prisa" to see the Savior. (i think that means haste in english.) And how we too can "come with haste" to know the Savior. During this time of year we shift our minds more towards Christ and can feel the joy the gospel brings, and that He brings. But in reality, we can feel these same feelings all year round. It doesn't need to be Christmas in order to feel these feelings of happiness. If we serve others, read the scriptures, and try to focus our lives more on the Savior, we too can become like Him and feel his love and his light in our lives. I know this with all of my heart. 

Hermana Josie is getting transferred ): but she's off to do bigger and better things as a sister trainer in Mayaguez, this means I am getting a new companion! AH. And I am officially done with my training, (weird.) 

Hope everyone had a very merry christmas, and I love you all tons. 

-Hermana Verde

Snipit from Hermana Green's Letter to home:
Gary shared the following scripture with Kali; John1:4 - "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." To know that you walk in truth and have such a strong and amazing testimony of the truth and your Savior is the greatest joy and gift we have ever received.  Kali's response to us; I love love love that scripture. I am excited to have my own family and teach my own children how to walk in the ways of the gospel. One of the most important converts on your mission(and your first) is yourself. That is one of my main goals throughout my whole mission is to be truly converted in the ways of the gospel. I know who I can become.. and slowly and slowly it's happening. And I couldn't be happier. Thank YOU TWO for being such shining examples in my life. Seriously.. couldn't survive the mission without all the things you both have taught me. So thank you.

Not super stressed about the transfer( yet.) I just have a perspective that in life there is always change, and a mission and transfers help with that. It was bound to happen sometime. But I am doing okay. 
I love you both with all my heart. 

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