Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 25

Hermana Green and Her New Companion Hermana Pichiule


Hope you enjoyed that song as much as I did, haha!

Transfers went well last week. I am adjusting to the new area just fine. My new companion, Hermana Pichiule (pee-chew-lei) is super cute and a wonderful missionary. We are getting along really well. She was born and raised in Peru for six years, and then has lived in Utah ever since. She knows fluent spanish and english so that's cool!  She is shorter than I am, and so so so adorable and funny. We have a good time together. I have already learned so much from her. I love our new mission house, It is SO CUTE. We live in the Pueblo here, which is like the center of the city, kinda reminds me of a New York kind vibe, and it is nice - well, it's nicer than my last house haha. I definitely could see myself living in an apartment like this after the mish in New York. I love Cabo Rojo! I am in the more campo (forest-y) area, It is beautiful. The people here are really nice. It is a lot different than Ponce. I actually feel like I am living on an island now.

I was sad to leave the people of Ponce. I cried when I was on the phone talking to Leunanni. We got our transfers late Monday and left first thing Tuesday, so I didn't have time to say goodbye to their family, Rafa, the bishop, Rivera Caliz, and other people who are dear to my heart, so that was sad, but I am happy to be in Cabo Rojo living this new adventure of mine. Cabo Rojo is great and I have recieved a warm welcome from the people and the members, including the super cool stake president I got to hear from at stake conference this past weekend.

Hermana Josie picked me up when I arrived in Cabo Rojo - IT WAS AMAZING! It was like seeing an old friend that you hadn't seen in years, being reunited. It is so so so fun having her here. Hermana Holton is also in my zone! I haven't seen her since the all mission conference in october, she was in my trio at the MTC. Hermana Larsen i met on the Puerto Rico San Juan mission page prior to going on my mission and now we finally have met in person and get to serve together.

Hermana Green & Josie Together in Service again!

Reunited with Hermana Josie, Holt and Finally Meeting Hermana Larsen & Pichiule

This week in Cabo Rojo, we were able to find a lot of new people with potential and were able to set three more fechas! One with a man named Francisco, and another with a mother and daughter named Ivette and Nicole. They are our next baptisms scheduled for March 4th. We want to help with our zone goal of 20 baptisms so we are really really trying to always invite our investigators and contacts to church, learn more, etc.  One thing I learned from the Spirit this week is that sometimes the impressions can be at lightening speed, and if we aren't paying attention, or acting on that impression right away, we can quickly lose that guide from the Spirit. I am trying to focus more on acting right when I receive inspiration, even if I don't fully understand why I am recieving it.

Mom, I was thinking about you and your talk bc Hermana Boucher spoke in Stake conference in SPANISH. I thought about how ironic it was that both of my "moms" were speaking on the same day. Hermana Boucher gets really scared too, but hey, you learned a valuable lesson in even in the worst circumstances, the Lord always provides a way for us to accomplish things! I am really proud of you Mom.

Thank you for that spiritual thought Dad on the significance of the Sacrament and utilizing the Atonement, I really needed it. Transfers can always be difficult in the beginning because there is a lot of adjusting, to a new home, a new companion (with that comes living with them, figuring out how to teach in unity together, and getting to know them), a new ward, and a new area to learn. I have to learn FAST bc Hermana Pichiule has been here for 5 transfers, A.K.A. she is probably gonna leave next transfer. Adjusting is hard, but I have learned that if you trust the Lord, it all works out.  But lately, I have been trying to progress and be better, but not seeing my progress as quick as I would like, oh the joy of learning how to be patient - when will I learn.  I've been reading a couple talks about becoming a consecrated missionary, and that is my goal. Just do everything I can everyday to be the best I can. I am doing this 40 day purification process that started out with a fast, to figure out what would be impeding you from having progress and becoming even closer to the Spirit, and then reviewing the list everyday, and praying for strength from the Lord. Hermana Pichiule and I are doing it and she said it has really helped her a lot. It's hard but I know I can do it. Extra prayers would be nice though.

Well my family and friends, I have to go, but just know I love you tons and that I really, really appreciate your support and love.

Hermana Green

Hermana Pichiule & Hermana Green
This Hermana knows my Cousin Avalon from the Chile CCM!! Small World

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