Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 26

Hermana Green and her Companion Hermana Pichiule

Hola Familia and Amigos,

A spiritual experience.. Wow there were a lot this week! I think one of them that was a huge highlight was last Friday, we had zone conference. Every zone conference we have is obviously super spiritual but one highlight was when President Boucher and I had our interview. I love that man so much. He reminds me a lot of Dad in some ways. He basically is my second Dad haha. But remember how I had been working this past week with trying to improve being a consecrated missionary, but not trying to go crazy at the same time? So, President Boucher and I talked about that. He said these cool things in his interview: he told me that my progress has been INCREDIBLE and that as he was listening to me participate in the zone conference he was so proud of how far I've come with learning the language and that he was really impressed. He also told Hermana Pichiule that I am a hard worker - #missioncomplete my life was MADE. He told me something super important that I had never thought of before. He said, Sister Green, I can tell that you are a perfectionist and can be very hard on yourself sometimes, and for people like you, you need someone to just take you by the shoulders at times and say, HEY look at all the progress you 've made, you're doing great! That way, you can realize all the good you have done. Then we started talking about how I want to keep progressing and that I was driving myself a little crazy in my pursuit of perfection, and he said, so what you're saying is you're trying to find BALANCE. I said, Yes, that is it actually. He said, Sister Green, you need to realize that perfect balance is impossible, but you need to figure out how to deal with not having a perfect balance of everything - NEVER before had I seen it in that perspective. It finally clicked. It has really helped me . He always says to; control what you can control. I love that!  I was BLOWN away by HOW COOL THE PRIESTHOOD AND REVELATION IS. Seriously it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

Investigators: so we had to drop a lot this last week, and our other investigators dropped us. But we have three progressing investigators! Ivette and Nicole are a mother and daughter who recently lost their father/husband in a car accident a couple months ago. They are very eager to learn and Nicole is 12 years old and asks the most PROFOUND questions. For example; can Satan be forgiven? and, who created God? She's very intelligent. We had a couple lessons with them, and one with a member (who was the KEY to getting them to come to church) and they came to church on Sunday! It was so, so, so great! They loved it and they said they are going to come every week. Their baptism is for the fourth of March and we're so looking forward to helping them get there. 
Our other investigator is Alex: he is so COOL. He is probably in his late 40s, a dad with a cute family. His family isn't interested but he is really interested. He speaks perfect English so we teach him in English. (which is super weird sometimes because I am not used to it ahaha) but he reminds me a lot of Uncle Coco (Rico). He loves reading the Book of Mormon and loves learning. He loves the fact that we have a modern day Prophet who guides the Church. Our last lesson with him was SO POWERFUL. It was crazy. We were talking about the atonement, and we were really teaching based on what his needs are. He told us how he didn't feel worthy to talk to god, but we bore testimony about how there is NOTHING, no sin, no mistake, nothing that is too much for Heavenly Father not to love or accept him. The spirit was so, so, so strong. He told us that, he has listened to a lot of religions, but your religion has gotten him to melt and he is becoming closer to actually wanting to go to church. I almost melted when he said that! We have an appointment with him today and I am SO excited. We saw him the day after our last lesson and he said, I am still thinking about our lesson yesterday... it's still with me! I know the Spirit of the Lord is with him and we are really really trying to help him come to church. He really needs those prayers. So please pray for him! 

We have an all mission sister conference next friday! Also exciting!  President and Hermana Boucher has issued a new Book of Mormon reading challenge and gave us all Book of Mormons. We are to highlight every verse that talks about the Atonement in the Book of Mormon, and we are having a mission testimony meeting on Easter Sunday about it. I am already loving this challenge. You guys should do it too!

I learned a lot about truly loving people here, regardless on how they treat you. People really do feel a difference when you love them. We got a lot of people this last week telling us how, they may not agree with our beliefs, but one thing you know how to do is love everyone. That made a very big effect on me, because this last week I feel like we ran into a lot of situations where we had every right to get angry, or sad, but, instead, we turned the other cheek and prayed for love and remembered that we are all children of God. It really makes a huge difference. I can feel a difference when we truly love the people. I also read a talk this week (don't remember which one) but it mentions about how Heavenly Father, is NOT a comfortable God. He pushes us, gives us trials so we can progress. People these days want a comfortable, laid back God who is fine with sin and who will accept people just because they "believe in God", but it doesn't work that way. Our Heavenly Father TRULY is a Father, because like any parent, he will discipline his children because he knows what's best for us, but he loves us. He wants to see us progress, and if we keep His Commandments, we will see that progress and happiness. I have seen it in my life, and especially here as I serve the people. 

Hi best pal (Dad), I sure do love and miss you! I love love love your spiritual thought you sent me about; we are never alone, our loving Heavenly Father sends Angels from both sides of the veil to help us with the challenges we face. I always think of you, every time, when I read that verse you ended with: "I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left...My Spirit shall be in your heart, and mine Angels round about you, to bear you up" (D&C 84:88). 

On Sunday it POURED. So much. Hermana Pichiule and I just rubbed off our makeup right there in the middle of the street. Thankfully a member picked us up, fed us, and took us home to change.

 So I have 6 months in the mission in like 3 days?! that's crazy. But I really truly love being a servant of the Lord. I couldn't ask for anything better. I have changed so much and I am slowly seeing myself become the person I want to become. I love this journey of mine!

I love you all so, so, so much. I am grateful for your presence and support in my life. 

Valentines Zone Conference with Hermana Larsen & Josie

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