Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 24

Hermana Green & Pearce

Boy do I have some NEWS FOR YOU!

1. HERMANA JOSIE AND I ARE GOING TO BE REUNITED! She's one of the sister trainer's there which means she gets to pick me up tomorrow! I am BEYOND excited! Cabo Rojo is one of the most gorgeous places on the island! Apparently everyone wants to go to Cabo Rojo because it is so beautiful. Some of the world's most beautiful beaches are there. A new area means a new companion, new ward, new house, new start, and I am so excited!  2. I am leaving ponce and i cannot believe it wow.

My new companion is Hermana Pichuli (that is probably spelled wrong.) she speaks perfect Spanish and English and Hermana bird and Hermana Santamaria say that she's SUPER fun and that she went to BYU-I too! And that we are going to have so much fun together. (: Hermana Pearce is training and staying in Ponce. 

Two more baptisms in the HB YSA Ward last week, that's amazing! That is seriously incredible that you have had 6 baptisms in the past 5 months. Wow. bravo to those elders!

So that is actually really interesting that two catholic missionaries came to your door. I personally, am really excited for those experiences to come in my life. I am going to treat them just like any missionary from our church. Ask them how they are, if they need water, if they want to sit for a couple minutes, who knows, maybe they've been walking all day too, and show them christ-like love. I hope they weren't attacking your beliefs in a stern way (because, that happened to us last night. That's a story I will share later.) I think if you ever feel pressured or scared, realize that there are going to be differences between the two religions, always respect them (which I know you do) and bear your testimony of what you know to be true. Share with them that through the book of mormon, you have read, prayed, and have had your own conversion process, and that through the invitation of Moroni (which you could totally whip it out and ask them to read it with you right then and there) you can explain that you have looked, and you have receieved a personal witness from the Holy Ghost testifying that these things are true. Testify that Christ lives. If nothing else, testify of the Savior. No one can deny a personal, heartfelt, testimony. There is so much power in sharing your testimony of what you know to be true. Those moments can turn into missionary moments! And it's good to share our beliefs with those of other faiths. We run into a lot of Catholics here, or Jehovah's Witnesses and they'll say,"oh I'm catholic" or "I'm (insert religion here)" and we'll say," Oh! How cool. We're not here to take you away from your beliefs, your religion or anything like that. We are here to add onto the faith that you already have." One thing that I've seen and learned is that most people are looking for, or believe in God. So if you mention that we are all children of God, a loving heavenly Father, they will see (most of the time) common ground and realize that The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints has more in common with their religion than they realized.

I am blown away by your spiritual thought Dad you shared with me, because I WAS going to talk about the Atonement too! This week was rough for me at points. One night I just felt super stressed, and down, and kind of broke down, because I was stressed. There was a lot weighing on me in my mind, and I just finally decided to let it out and cry about it. While receiving comfort from Hermana Pearce, Bird and Santamaria, I was calmed by the power of the Atonement. Hermana Bird shared with me one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. It's Mosiah 24, when Alma and his people are taken into captivity and bondage and are told that if they pray out loud, that they would be killed. And that these cargas (or trials) that were on their shoulders was too much, and that they were praying in their hearts to God for help. (I recommend reading the whole chapter but I am going to highlight a few.) Hermana Bird, seeing I was in a similair state shared with me these scriptures: In 13 it says," And it came to pass that the voice of the Lord came to them in their afflictions, saying: Lift up your heads and be of good comfort...v 14 " And I will also ease the burdens which are put on your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of surety that I, The Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions."  I kept bawling because of how spiritually beautiful that was. As soon as she read that, it was as if all of my fears, burdens, worries, cargas, got lifted off MY shoulders. And I knew that it was the healing power of the Atonement. I love, love, love the Book of Mormon. No need to worry about me now, I am much better. Dad, thank you for teaching me the power of the Atonement. I couldn't have done it without you.

Mom, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. You've been in a lot of my dreams lately. I just want to say thanks for being my best friend. I love you a lot and we will continue to pray for you, so don’t worry!  You are going to do AMAZING mom on your talk! You're my mom, so like, of course you're going to do a good job. I believe in you! I really love you lot! 

Thank you for all you do, continue to do, I hope you know that I testify about the truthfulness of eternal families every chance I get. I've put the picture of my call letter and of us three on the inside of my Book of Mormon in Spanish and a lot of random people know what you two look like. Cool right? I love you!

Hermana Green

Hermana Pearce & Hermana Green (Hermana Pearce is Staying in Ponce)

Beautiful Ponce Puerto Rico

Hermana Green & Hermana Bird

I'm Going to Miss Ponce

I have Loved Serving in Ponce my First area of my Mission.

Celebrating Rafaels Birthday. He is our Ward Mission Leader

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