Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 31

Squished on our way to Church with Hermana Cortes, Antonio, Zimmerman & Green!

Hola Hola Familia y Amigos!

Spiritual experience! 
So, I really liked Elder Andersen's advice he gave us about miracles and about praying more specifically to find people.  Hermana Pichiule always talked about how the Brother of Jared, when trying to figure out how to provide light for his ship, gave the Lord something to touch.  He was the one that gave the Lord stones. He didn't just sit back and do nothing about his problem-he acted!  So with this idea in mind, Hermana Zimmerman and I decided to set a goal for her training, and we decided that we would pray for what we think the Lord wants for the people here in Cabo Rojo.  After a lot or prayer and pondering, we received our answer, we need to find a family of four. Two parents and two children.  With this, we have been praying every opportunity we can to find this family.  On Saturday, we were contacting all day and we were praying to know specifically where to go, which houses, and where this family that the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel is.  We started tracking and we found not just one, but 3 FAMILIES of four, and some had more than four members of a family!  It was truly a miracle and we gave many prayers of gratitude in return to our Heavenly Father who guided us to these families.  We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for these families and for us as His mouthpieces to declare the gospel.

Ivette and Nicole - We haven't been able to see them for about a week and a half now.  Nicole is really sick and so every time we call to see if we can set up an appointment, it has fallen through because Nicole is really sick.): They haven't come to church lately for that reason too, so we're hoping we can see them this week.  I was struggling to figure out what to do to see if they really had the desire or if we should stop visiting them for a little while and see what happens.  As I was pondering this thought one morning, we got a random phone call from our Zone leaders, asking us about them - I don't believe that phone call was random at all.  I explained their situation and they gave us a lot of good advice!  It was an answer to my prayers and I am excited to put their ideas of having real intent and prayer and fasting into effect with Ivette and Nicole.
Priscilla: We haven't seen her either. I am not sure if she has any interest any more, but we are not giving up, I will keep you updated.
Josue: We called him last week and his wife answered and asked us who we were.  We said we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that we wanted to share a message with them.  She hung up right after that. It was a bummer, but that's how it goes sometimes, so on to the next one.
Eleanor: We tried calling her too, but no answer. We will keep trying!!
Jeanina: We actually met her mom a couple weeks ago!  She owns a small spa place in the plaza and we are going to go by and see if we can teach her and Jeanina!
Edgar Irrizarry: HE WAS SO COOL!  He is one of our miracle families we found on Saturday.  He is probably in his 40s and has a couple of kids, I think 4 kids.  He is really nice and works with young people at the local Boy Scouts Troop with his son, and he is also in the Navy!  He had a very warm spirit about him and was very respectful.  We are going to see him on Tuesday.
Kaycha: Also one of our miracle families!  She is in her late 20s and has two kids and is married.  We asked her if we could give her a card and after getting to know her a little bit and explaining more about who we were, she asked," could I have another card for my husband? He loves these!" I almost dropped all of the cards I had because I got so excited - haha!!  She was so pero so genuine and nice.  We don't get people that nice that often so it was super cool.  We are going to see her this Saturday and are overjoyed! 
Jorge and his son: So right after we met Kaycha we were walking out of the street and saw this 12 year old boy on a bike and we said hi to him and asked if he wanted a card.  He told us that he could tell we were American and that he wanted to speak English with us, so we did - haha!  He is very intelligent and he loves anything about God and Jesus Christ and is Christian.  We asked him if we could meet his Dad to ask permission if we could stop by, and his Dad was really nice and open to us coming by and teaching them!  Another one of our miracle families.

My New Companion, Hermana Zimmerman is the CUTEST THING EVER. She is from South Jordan, Utah           (Almost all my companions have been from Utah!) and is so, so, so, so, so, great!!  She is so nice and eager to learn!  She is learning Spanish, ALOT faster than I did.  It helps that we are now living in a house of four, with Hermana Cortes from Mexico, and Hermana Antonio from the DR.  They all are so amazing and I already have seen a HUGE difference in my Spanish.  I surprised myself with how much I actually knew, and I feel very confident and comfortable when I am speaking the language. The Gift of tongues is REAL!!! Hermana Zimmerman is taller than me (shocker) and is just the best. 

Me and my  New Companion Hermana Zimmerman at Church!

Being a trainer is kind of really stressful, but so far so good!  There is a program called 12 weeks and adjusting to missionary life that we go over everyday to help her learn how to be a missionary and what to focus on.  I will lead the lessons until she can understand the language a little better and I am responsible for helping her learn the language, and basically, prepare her to train if she was needed to right now (no pressure haha!!)   I have a LOT more respect for any parent in the world (especially my parents, because I was difficult at times) as I am now responsible for helping take care and mold Hermana Zimmerman's mission.  It's a lot of pressure at times, but I thought of my parents and how they helped raise me and how scary that might have been at times, but I know that through Heavenly Father's help, all things are possible and will work out!! :)

OH, its Jade's baptism this week!  I am so, so, so excited for her!  I was asked a couple days ago to give a talk on Baptism in church and I was thinking of her the whole time.  It was cool to see that I didn't need to write everything out, and that I could prepare in depth with scriptures and a game plan of what I wanted to talk about, and the rest came from my heart, and I didn't have any problem speaking the language.  So that was cool!!

I LOVE HERMANA BIRD!  Her and Hermana Santamaria are home from their missions now and that's crazy to think about. I am glad you got to talk to Hermana Bird, and that you got to see the video of her and I singing in Spanish - yay

Today we have a zone activity! pictures will be sent next week.

I love you all very much and appreciate your prayers and support!  

Te Quiero Mucho,

Hermana Green

Always fun getting to see Hermana Josie

Three Generations!  Hermana Josie (My Trainer) me, and then Hermana Zimmerman!

My Cute Relief Society in my Ward in Cabo Rojo.  We had an activity on Saturday Night for Women's Conference.

Hermana Green & Zimmerman making home visits.

Visiting One of my Cabo Rojo Family Members Brother Waddy Ortiz

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