Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 32

Our Cute House of Four!

Hola Hola Familia Y Amigos!

I want to share an amazing spirtiual experience we had last week.  So a couple of weeks ago I was looking at former investigators in our area book and happened to come across a girl named Anna.  We tried to find her street for a couple days but had no luck.  We asked Alex (our recent convert) if he knew where the street was and he did, and then he asked who we were looking for.  We told him and it turns out he knows her - who would have known!  So he told us he would go over to her house and talk to her.  A couple of days later he called us and said he found her house, talked to her, and put in a good word for us and said we could go visit her.  He said it was house 99 and to ask for Anita (What, keep this in mind).  So the next day, we looked for HOURS for her house, we looked everywhere and couldn't find it.  We were sad, but kept on working.  The next day, Hermana Zimmerman and I were walking to go grab some dinner and we saw Cindy (another one of our recent converts) in the plaza, so we went up and said hi to her, and she says, "hey girls, could you say a prayer for my friend who was standing with Cindy?"  Cindy said, "her aunt just passed away today and she's taking it really hard."  So we walked over and said a prayer with this lady and Cindy.  We asked for the name of her friend, and she said her name was," Anita".  I quickly thought, "Anita! hmm.. I wonder if it's the same Anita that Alex told us about and that we've been looking for, what would the chances be..."   We asked if we could share a scripture with Anita (Mosiah 16:8-9, one of my all time favorite scriptures) that talks about how there is a resurrection and a light in the world, thanks to Christ.  It helped Anita a lot,  and we gave a very brief plan of salvation lesson.  When we walked up to Anita, she had been smoking, and mentioned that she never smokes, but when she does, its because she's depressed. I had an impression to tell her that she wouldn't find her peace in smoking a cigarette. Usually, I wouldn't mention something that strong when first meeting someone, but I couldn't shake the thought and prompting I received.  I told her that, and added that the gospel of Jesus Christ can give her the light and peace she needs in her life.  Right then, something changed, and she nodded in agreement.  After our brief lesson, we asked her if we could come by and share more about this peace she could feel and she said yes!  We asked for her address and house number and she said it was house number 99 - WHAT, my jaw DROPPED.  I could not BELIEVE what had just happened.  We hugged her and set a return appointment and left.  Cindy, right after the lesson said, "you know, I wasn't even planning on being here, (in the plaza) but something told me I needed to go and stay for awhile, then out of nowhere I saw Anita and she told me what had happened, and immediately right after that, I saw the two of you walk around the corner.  I knew I needed to stay for a reason".  That whole miracle was a testimony builder for me that Heavenly Father truly is mindful of us and knows our desires and truly is preparing people for us to find.  If we will simply follow the promptings we get and put our faith and trust in Him, He will provide miracles that will increase our testimonies, strengthen our faith, but most importantly touch the lives of those who are in need of His blessings and comfort.  I am humbled and grateful to be an instrument in His hands!

Our investigators... well, a lot of them have dropped us, but hey, that's all apart of missionary work.  We are here to find the elect and even if that means it is only 1 or 2 people, so be it.  We have Anita, who I mentioned above, Ivette and Nicole, so for now we will focus on these three.  We saw Ivette and Nicole a couple times last week and our last lesson we had with them we were going to talk about real intent and invite them to be baptized on the 8th, but as we were reading through the Book of Mormon at their house during the lesson, Nicole got immense pain and they had to go to the hospital, so we couldn't finish the lesson.  We hope we can work with them more this week.

We watched General Conference in our Ward Clerk's office in our building.  We actually got to watch it in English for a change, so that was cool!  I have SO MANY things I liked but here are a couple; JOAQUIN E. COSTA'S talk was AMAZING.  Elder Holland's talk and how it related to music and choir really made me happy. (I quickly want to thank Mr. Tison and Brett and Brandon Stewart for helping me understand what REAL quality music is, and for always challenging me to become better in music, and in life. Thank you for helping me become the person I am today and for filling my life with joy and music).  "Let your obedience be exact and your faith unwavering", "Daily He gives us chances to lead, guide and walk beside others" - Joseph M. Brough (this is the key to missionary work btw).  The gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become something."  "The way to a better world will ALWAYS be the gospel of Jesus Christ."  It was also mentioned, that there were about 70,000 missionaries! I am honored to be one of those 70,000 and that I have this title as a Missionary.  I am also grateful for my cousins and friends who are also serving with all their heart, might, mind and strength all around the world.  We truly will bring the world His truth.  The world we live in is changing rapidly and the time is NOW for us all to rise up to our best potential, be obedient to the commandments and stand firm in what we know to be true.  Youth and young adults especially, please never lower your standards and NEVER be afraid to stand alone.  Take courage and have faith, for the Lord is always on our side! (Mom I loved that you posted this on social Media)

Well, I am the designated driver for our house of Missionaries, aka I am driving us to meetings and other things - WOW, never thought that would happen!  The zone activity we had last week was so fun!  We played volleyball with water balloons and had to catch the water balloons in towels and work with our companion to get it over the net.  It was really fun and we were in Mayaguez, it is gorgeous!!  President Bourcher was with us the whole day (it was all day Wednesday) and he even took us to Mcdonalds. He is the BEST!

A gift from a random fisherman that we taught a lesson to.
Driving through the Island going to Mayaguez.
Mayaguez is so Beautiful!
Our District
My Sweet Companion Hermana Zimmerman.

Hermana Josie told me to do a Little Mermaid pose so i did. HAHAHA

I LOVE MY OBISPO CRUZ. He reminds me so much of Dad.  He teases me alot but its because he likes me, haha!!  He speaks english, and he helps us out SO MUCH.  Missionary work gets NOWHERE without members help and the bishop is a big key in pumping up the members to help with missionary work!  I am thankful to have an awesome supportive Bishop!!  

Obispo Cruz, Hermana Green & Antonio (Obispo Cruz told my parents that I speak like a true Puertorican. #goals)

I am so excited and proud of Jade for getting baptized!!  I can't believe Jade wore my jumpsuit, that is so special!! I was thinking about her all week and how special and wonderful her baptismal day must have been. 

All those quotes you sent me from General Conference, I wrote down in my journal too, Dad!  I am happy that we were on the same page.  Also, thanks for being my parents!! 

Well, it's time to go, but I want to let you know how much I love you, my dear family. (and friends) I am proud to be your daughter everyday.

All my love,
Hermana Green.

My Cabo Rojo Homies!
Fun times in our house.
Celebrating Hermana Cortes 16 months of Service.
Thank You MSP YW!!
Loved all the Notes!  I feel so Loved!

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