Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 47

Intercambios with Hermana Josie, Green, Post and Santos.

Hola Family & Friends,

Spiritual experiences... Yesterday in relief society we were having a lesson on serving others, and the Sister in our Ward that gave the lesson is named Hermana Marty, she is so cute!  She was talking about serving, during the lesson, and she started talking about us and missionaries in general.  Suddenly, she points to me and says, "I may not know our missionaries super well, but she (me) has always made me feel special.  She (me) comes up to me every Sunday and gives me a hug and asks me how I am.  One Sunday in particular I wasn't happy, and I felt weak, and I was going through a hard time, Satan was really getting to me, but I decided to go to church.  Just a couple minutes after I got to the church, the missionaries showed up, and there came Hermana Green, smiling, and she came straight to me as if she knew what I was going through, and said, "Hola Hermana Marty, como esta?" and she (me) gave me a hug.  I felt the Savior's love so strong at that moment.  She (me) just illuminates with the love of Christ. Thank you Hermana Green."  I was shocked and very humbled all at the same time, let's just say I did not have a dry eye at that moment.  I don't know Hermana Marty super well, and I didn't realize the impact my kindness made on her, but I am so humbled and grateful that I listened to the promptings of the spirit that day, even though I do remember a day where she looked sad.  I am grateful that I can be used as an instrument in the Lord's hands, not just to bring the gospel, but to bring the love of Christ to all those we talk to, and especially those that the Lord knows are in need.

Nicole: so we are still working with Nicole, she has really been changing. We had a really cool lesson with her last Thursday about how the Holy Ghost can help us recognize and receive answers to prayers, and she asked us how we knew we needed to go on a mission.  Hermana Post and I both shared our stories in how we ended up here and it was really Spiritual and really special.  She is supposed to be baptized this weekend and we are going to do all we can to help her reach that goal!  But if not, that is okay, because we do the Lord's will first.  If she is supposed to get baptized, she will.  We are not going to push her to the font, but we are here to lead and guide her there. :)

Melodie and Devin: so we had intercambios (exchanges) last week, Hermana Josie's last one, and I was with Hermana Santos (the one who was with Avalon in the MTC), it was so great.  So, during intercambios we visited Melodie and Devin and talked about our purpose as missionaries and the Atonement, as we read through Alma 7:11-16.  Melodie felt the Spirit really strong and she shared with us how she was going through a really hard part of her life when Hermana Zimmerman and I were visiting her.  She said she felt a lot of peace and knew that the things we were sharing with her were true. The Spirit was super strong and we invited her and her son Devin to be baptized, and they said YES!  They are planning on being baptized on August 12th!  Hopefully I am still here in Cabo Rojo to be at their baptism, transfers are next week!!

Vilma and Luis: we are still trying to help them come to church, but they are struggling a little bit. We are going to keep working with them so they can progress.

Nane and Fam: so we met a family of 6 the other day, they are super nice and are open to listening to us.  We are hoping that we can help them come to church too.  We have our first lesson with them tomorrow

Dad, your spiritual thoughts truly are inspired.  I loved the story of the Devil's tools (Uncle Rey Rey shared that same story with me a while back) it has really helped me!  I am excited to see how your spiritual thought is going to help me this week. :)  All is good in the hood, I am here and so, so happy!!  You know what else makes me happy?  Seeing you two, Tubba, Cam, Neno, and all my Aunts and Uncles at the Temple together, nothing makes me happier!!  I am so happy that Neno was able to be sealed to his parents, it is so cool to see how the Temple is just this fountain of blessings, joy, and happiness.  I am hoping I have the opportunity to serve in the Temple again when I get home, like everyday, No joke!!!

I just love you two. Thank you for being my parents and for supporting me every step of my journey here. 

Have a wonderful week,everyone!


Hermana Verde

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