Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 50

Hermana Post & Green!

BUENAS, Family and Friends,

Wow, spiritual experiences.. this week we saw SO MANY MIRACLES. But here is one that kinda sums up our week.  So, this week in our district meeting we talked about recognizing the Spirit more and how we, as missionaries, can improve on this, because a missionary without the Spirit will teach NO ONE.  It is vital that we are worthy to have the Spirit with us at all times, so this week in my studies I was wondering how Hermana Post and I could be more unified with the Spirit in our day to day lives.  We reaaaally needed to find more people to teach, so that means our finding hours have to be busy and filled with hard work and diligence.  That is some of the hardest things about spending hours contacting is that you must be diligent and remember that the Lord is preparing people, because if not, you can get discouraged easily with doors being slammed in your face, rejection, rude rejection, and hours in the hot sun.  But, Hermana Post and I were excited to go find some more people.  So one thing that we decided to do differently, was to be incredibly specific with who we want to find.  While we plan, we are praying to find those who are prepared, and you always have a goal every day for a certain amount of people you want to find that can become new investigators. That is the last part of the plan, so we have to listen closely to the Spirit to see who these people are.  In an answer to our prayer to target very specific people, Hermana Post and I felt prompted that we needed to find the following people: 1) A widow, 2) A couple who has lost a child, 3) A Newyorican (someone who's born and raised in New York, but has come to live here) woman, about 40 years old, living with one daughter, 4) A pianist for our ward, and 5) A single man who could be the other counselor in our bishopric.

Now, I know this concept might seem weird or even crazy impossible to find and accomplish. But since Thursday we have found the widow, the newyorican woman and daughter, and probably the BIGGEST miracle is what happened last night (Sunday).  We got a call from a couple in our Ward, saying that they have good friends who have family here in Cabo Rojo. They talked and they are interested in learning more about the church since they recently lost a child! So they set up the appointment for tonight at 7, to meet with US, they ARE OUR COUPLE.  I was in SHOCK,  but my dear family and friends, this is the Lord's hand confirming that who we are finding are those HE knows are prepared.  It has been incredible to see these miracles happen. With faith, prayer, diligence, patience in the Lord's timing, and following the Spirit, we will be instruments in the Lord's hands. I have learned so much this week and I am so grateful.

Zoraida: she is doing well! She couldn't come to church yesterday, but she loves reading in the Book of Mormon and hearing our lessons.  Her pastor found out she was going to church with us and he said some not very nice things about the church, and so that is really troubling her and she is looking to receive guidance on which church she needs to go to.  We are going to teach her the plan of salvation this week and set a fecha with her.
Dolores: DOLORES IS AN ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN. She is the nicest lady!  We met her contacting last Thursday while looking for another person. We decided to stop and say hello to her, and we shared a little bit with her in a contact, and she said we could come by the next day and teach her, (that is a miracle in itself)!!  So we had intercambios the next day and Hermana Nottingham (my good friend I was in the MTC with, she is the new Sister Trainer here in Mayaguez) went and taught her, and she accepted a fecha and PROMISED God that she would be baptized when she receives an answer, AND while asking about her family, she told us she was a WIDOW.  She believes that everything we've shared with her is true and we gave her a Book of Mormon yesterday.  She told us how yesterday she was fighting with her sister and how she prayed and asked God to send her someone to help bring her peace, and that's when we showed up, I know crazy, right!?!  She told us she knew we were sent from God.  That was cool to see, because our plans had been so changed around, that we ended up going to her house a couple hours later than we were scheduled to be there, but it happened to be at the very moment she was praying for God to send her someone.  But, the Lord was aware of her needs, and utilized us as an instrument in His Hands.  It was an amazing, and powerful experience!! 

Diana: So on our way to Dolores's house, we saw two women standing outside, so we decided we would contact them, because why not?  So we stopped and talk to them, and they invited us into their patio! (miracle), turns out Diana speaks English and it is because she is from NEW YORK and lives their with her DAUGHTER.  See how all these things are falling into place?  Her family has been visited by missionaries before and she is interested in what we have to share with her.  She has a lot of potential and is really sweet. We are excited to meet with them again.

My companion Hermana Post is SO AMAZING. She is working so, so, so hard and is so funny. She reminds me a lot of Hannah Smith and her personality is great. We have such great times and she is just this little ball of sunshine.  I am felling really good right now!  Thanks for the cute box for my birthday! I cant wait to open it on my birthday :)  It is weird to think I'm having a birthday this Sunday, but it will be swell, because I am with my lovely Cabo Rojo family :)

Lexie (Alex's Daughter) Hermana Post & Green

I am really glad you liked your birthday letter, Mom!  Sorry if it got there late and that it looks like it was decorated by a 5 year old, but I never said I was good at art. hahaha!! I hope you had a wonderful day. We were having a noche de hogar that night and Mayda gave me a big hug for you. 

One thing that I learned this week was to be patient in the Lord's timing and in the trials we have. On Thursday at our Family Home Evening we were watching a video called, "Finding Faith in Christ". It was really touching and all of my worries, doubts, and anxiety about all the things that were troubling me went away, and I got a calming, reassuring answer to my prayers.  I realized that I needed to not worry about the things I cannot control, but that all I have to do is my best everyday to be an example of Christ, and that's what I am trying to do.  I am loving my learning, and I am grateful that we have trials because it also allowed me to remember all of the blessings I have in the midst of my trials.  Even in the most hard of times, I have been comforted with the knowledge of the gospel, that I have a family who loves me, that I am supported by the people I love on both sides of the veil, that I have an eternal family, and that I am being molded and shaped into the person I can become.  Because of this, in the hardest of times, I can ALWAYS find a reason to SMILE. 

My lovely family, I love you and thank you for all you do for me!!!  


Hermana Green

Mayda is so wonderful and drives us Hermanas to get Groceries.  I just Love Her.
Got to have those Crescent Rolls!!!!

Shopping with my Hermanas!!!

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