Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 20

Buenas, family and friends,

This week has been wonderful. I have learned so much from my new companion Hermana Pearce! She is so great and is a great addition here in Ponce!

Exciting thing: I can speak and understand and read in Spanish! The gift of tongues is so so so so so real and powerful.

This week in my personal studies I was reflecting a lot on what it means to be a successful missionary. There is a talk called,"The Fourth Missionary" (i forgot who it's by, I am sorry) that I was reading and it mentions that a successful missionary is one who,"strives to be a servant of Christ, rather than be the "best" missionary". I thought that was interesting and reflected upon my own actions,desires, and thoughts and it helped me want to focus more on being a better disciple of Christ. I am not striving to be the best missionary, but I AM striving to align my will with The Lord's. To give my all everyday to this work, because it is the most important work that is taking place in this day and age. Today in our zone meeting we also talked about this, and our purpose. And at one point we were asked to take off our tag and look at it and think to ourselves who we are representing. Not only am I representing myself and my family, but I am a representative of Christ himself. I realized how important it is (missionary, non missionary, member or non-member) to be an example. 
I hope that along this journey of mine here in Puerto Rico, I can strive to become a true disciple of Christ, and that when I do come home, I can continue this same journey to become more like Him.

Sorry this is so short, 
I love you all dearly, and I am constantly filled with joy and love for each and every one of you. 

Snipit from our Letter.
Dad! Your spiritual thought lined up with things we've been teaching our investigators! I love how that works out. You know what I have learned a lot about here? That the atonement is literally the key to our salvation. It is only through the savior and his atonement that we can become more like him, changing our hearts and desires and actions, to become as he is. The atonement provides hope, and love, and all good things. I love love love the atonement.

Today we had a zone meeting, and these elders came up to me asking if I could play the piano for them for the special musical number. and i did! It was," we are as the army of helaman" and i actually could play it! I have been playing the piano a little in church but i think i might get to start playing in sacrament and relief society! How exciting! (just incase i forget, will you tell sister holbrook a huge THANKYOU for helping me learn piano?) 

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