Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 23

Hola family and friends,

I hit 5 months last monday in the mission! Party!

You have probably heard a lot of buzz about changes to mission rules, well we had a Worldwide missionary conference that was shown to all missions in the world.  Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, Elder Neil L. Anderson and other cool general authority friends talked to us about a ton of stuff. But we only know about changes to our key indacators (numbers that we fill in every week) and schedule changes right now, until the leadership meeting next week the sister trainers, and zone leaders have with our Mission President.  So, we don't really know anything and nothing is in effect until our Mission President explains what's going down.  Today we have an Hermana Activity with all the sisters in our zone! Pictures will come soon.

So, on the spirtual front; I was watching this movie called,"The Testaments" and it's about this family and this guy Jacob who is trying to figure out who he is and if he believes the words of the prophets, all the while gaining power and hanging out with the judges and leaders in this time.  It's right around the time when Christ is crucified and then es recusitado (ah sorry) resurrected and then comes to the Americas.  Jacob and his family are living in a civilazation in the Americas where Christ comes too. Oh it is SO BEAUTIFUL. I cried so hard. it's really good. you guys should watch it. But as I was watching it, the best part is when Christ comes to the Americas and the people are just in awe, and I could just FEEL the Christlike love that was coming from him, and thought about how wonderful it's going to be when he comes again. So much love. Also, this morning I was reading the talk "O How Great is Our God" (that might be wrong) but it's President Uchtdorf's talk on the Plan of Salvation and it is so beautiful. So so incredible. I teach the plan of salvation all the time, but I had never experienced it like I did until this morning. It was as if I was remembering what had happened in the pre mortal life for just a glimpse. IT IS SO GOOD.  I loved your spiritual thought about,"Seeking Jesus" that you shared with the YSA Ward and sent me. It is so true that we need to be spiritually ready, in that mindset to recieve revelation, answers to prayers, or impressions from the spirit. If we arent in that mindset, we won't have the spirit with us, which causes a whole lot of confusion and trouble. It really is ALL about the basic, simple things the prophets have continually, since the beginning of time asked us to do. Pray, read your scriptures/feast on the words of Christ, obey the Word of Wisdom, go to the temple, and always be WORTHY of a temple reccommend. Above all ask the question,"What do I lack?" and seeing what we can do to better ourselves. When we do these things, I testify and promise we will find our way to eternal life.

As far as our investigators go, We found 11 THIS WEEK. (very very very rare that we get above 5 or 6) Berto has a fecha and the patriarch came with us. Powerful lesson. Excited to teach him again.
We taught a woman named carmen who is a little skeptical on the church, but we are teaching her Lesson 2 (plan of salvation) tonight! MOISES so we met this teenager moises on saturday, and he told us he wanted to come to church, and he did! (so did Alexis) and at the end of church he told us he wanted to be baptized!  Irma! We met this woman last monday named Irma, we were just contacting her and we got into talking and asked her how she was and she just BROKE down into my arms and started bawling, and told us about these sad things happening to her in her life, and she told us she needs God and that she knows we were sent to help her.  She is SO prepared, and we are going to see her tonight. We are so excited!  Woo! hmmm.. these are our investigators with promise right now. We're finally seeing the fruits of our labors.  Oh! Hector, so he is having a hard time finding his faith to believe in what we're saying and to take the action and the step to keep learning. It's confusing and sad.

Oh, I almost forgot, we fought off a pack of 10 wild dogs last night. That was fun ahaha. I am not hurt don't worry. We had another protector dog named Wilfred that was randomly walking with us and then these 3 dogs show up and tried to attack him so Hermana Pearce and I stepped in to help, and then they started barking and I kid you not, 7 other dogs came around the corner and surrounded us. It was crazy. But we got out safe and sound!

I love love love serving. Nothing makes me happier to be quite honest. So much joy comes from it!
Also, I am starting to wear my YW Medallion more. Reminds me of who I am and why I'm here and what my goal is.  I want to say thank you for each individual prayer you send my way.  I can feel the love and support and really couldn't handle the week without them!

Con Amor Hermana Green

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