Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 22 -

Hola Hola Pepsi Cola,

So we had this old investigator named Hector. He is super awkward and thinks i am hilarious and i dont understand why. But we were trying to call this other investigator hector, but instead we accidentaly called awkward hector, and we ended up scheduling a lesson with him for yesterday! So we went. he's been taught by missionaries before, but he just wasn't really looking for the truth, nor had the desire to, and he told us he didnt want to waste our time, (that was in november). But we came back yesterday, and again had no idea what the heck we were going to talk about.(you'd be surprised how much that happens. we kinda just follow the spirit and wing it) and thats what we did! We ended up talking about our potential as hijos de dios(children of God) and we did this cool thing where we wrote down the things that hector thinks he should become in his life, and then in the other column wrote down what God knows he can become.  It was SUPER COOL. And at one point, we were talking about how we can overcome weaknesses and at the SAME EXACT TIME hermana pearce and I said," i have a scripture that I'd like to share" and we both were thinking of Ether 12:27. We were like,"WOAHHHH" and after Hector read the verse he was like,"how did you guys do that? how did you guys know that was EXACTLY what I needed to hear?" and I replied with,"it's not us, hector. It's the spirit." and we testified that as missionaries we are just representatives of Christ, and how He speaks through us and what He and Heavenly Father wants him to hear.  So that was super cool.

One of our investigators, Norma, passed away this week. Norma is Gilberto's mom and she passed away last tuesday. It was a huge shock.What was a cool thing to think about though, was that the last thing we taught her was the Plan of Salvation, and she told us that she found great comfort in it. Although death will always be something hard to deal with, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we will see our families and loved ones again. 

Last week we had some trouble finding people to teach, but we kept working. We kept going, and we kept the faith. Sometimes we don't know when the trial of our faith will end, but there are always blessing promised to the faithful. And we saw those blessings and miracles!

New investigators.... We don't have too many. But! We are starting to teach Giselle, Rafa(our ward mission leader and best friend)'s daughter and her son! It was CRAZY. Because we were at Rafa's planning for some ward activties with the missionaries, and we were about to leave, and then all of a sudden Giselle walks in with her son. He didn't know she was coming over, and we had never met her before. We had been trying for the last 3 weeks to try and see her but she was never home. We ended up getting a lesson with her and it was a HUGE miracle.

Hermana Pearce and I were talking to a man and I told him I was from California. He told us that he used to work in LA and he says,"girls, michael jackson is NOT dead." We didn't really know what to say but then we continued on with the lesson.

So, I am playing piano in church now! Thank you Colby Wihongi and Sister Holbrook for the piano lessons!

Much Love,
Hermana Green

Tidbidts from our Letter:


Here are some of my spiritual thoughts I wanted to share with you two this week: So the newer bible videos are super cool and it made me want to start reading the new testament so that's what I am doing! I am reading it side by side with Jesus the Christ and it BLOWS MY MIND. So cool. I am also reading Daughters in my Kingdom and I am trying to work on the type of woman I want to be. And there is a quote about Emma Smith, saying that she was this amazing example of a service oriented woman (my goals).  Also, have you ever thought about the fact that the Savior in that one Bible verse, John 10:17-18 talks about how The Savior has the ability to give and take His life and that no man is taking his life, but that he is WILLINGLY giving it for us all. He had the power to so easily break those chains He was bound in, and save Himself, but He didn't because of His profound love for us - Crazy!  Also I really liked this quote from Wilford Woodruff; "In any and every age of the world when God has called or commanded a man or a people to perform a certain work, they, through determination and perserverance, and faith in Him, have been able to accomplish it" Cool right?

Oh! I just thought I'd let you know, that I actually find joy in cleaning. (I know what you're thinking, who are you and what have you done with our daughter) but, I actually do! When I am stressed, happy, sad, I clean. I think I got that from you two. So don't worry, I wont be lazy when I get home, I promise!

much love!

Feasting with my Hermanas

Hermana Green, Raul Pacheco and Hermana Pearce

Hermana Pearce & Green

Watch out Puerto Rico!

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  1. Sister Green, can you ever talk in English w/your English-speaking companions? I love hearing about your experiences in the mission field! You are an inspiration to future would-be missionaries (yes, Tanner is taking the Mission Prep class right now). Hope you continue w/success! We love reading your blogs/emails from your mom. Sister Grohmann