Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 3

                        Hermana Green and Sister Romney (MTC Pres. Wife)

Hola familia y amigos! And yet another week completed over here in the DR.(Dominican Republic) This has been an interesting week..

-Last saturday night right before we were about to go to our rooms to get ready for bed  Elder Chapman and Elder Raps (two elders I've gotten close to) came up to me saying,"hey! you ready for our trio musical number in sacrament meeting tomorrow?" and I laughed thinking they were joking around. They weren't haha. So I sang Come Come Ye Saints with them the next day in church. Second week in a row that i've sung in sacrament haha. And I was just informed while typing this that my district is going to sing in sacrament this week. So that's three hahaha. Woo! But what made singing Come Come Ye Saints so special was that every district except mine was leaving that following tuesday to go out in the field and leave the mtc. The song was really applicable and really moved a lot of people. Which leads into my next subject..

-On tuesday ( a couple days ago) all of the districts left, leaving the 10 of us in my district the only missionaries in the mtc for a day and a half. So that was interesting. It was also really sad because i've only known these people for 3 weeks, and it feels like we've been lifelong friends. The new missionaries arrived yesterday, and all ten of us get a silver sticker on our tags to show that we are "MTC vets". Fancy. I feel old. haha.

-So I'm pretty good at working out everyday and going outside to play a sport during our physical activity time but I have never sweat so much in my life until I played ULTIMATE FRISBEE in the DR (Dominican Republic) Do you know that you run a TON in ultimate frisbee? BECAUSE I DIDN'T. But it was super fun hahaha.

-Last night, Hermana Holton (one of my companions) asked me to cut her split ends off because it was driving her insane. She had been asking around the last week to see if anyone actually knew how to cut hair. It ended up being me, and I didn't screw it up! Oh the surprises a mission brings you.

-The last and most important part of this email: Yesterday we watched a Devotional that was Broadcast at the Provo MTC in 2011 given by Elder Bednar. His overall theme was about how we need to "turn ourselves outward towards the Savior rather than turning inward towards ourselves". It was one of the most amazing talks I've ever listened to. He really focused and dissected the idea of understanding the true character and nature of Jesus Christ and how through him we can become more compassionate and converted through his image, rather than give in to the natural man and focus on ourselves. If you have the time, go find it, watch it, read it, it will change your life. It changed mine. I can see that change happening in my own life. 

On friday we were able to go contacting by this beach and the Dominican people are so incredibly polite and nice. I was able to share my testimony of the gospel and how it has blessed my life with strangers, and they were able to feel of that same truth. It made me so beyond excited to get out and serve. 

I love you all, and thank you for your support!
-Hermana Green

Here are some pics for ya, sorry if some of these are repeated haha.
But the first picture (Above) is of Hermana Romney, my mission presidents wife, the second is of Hermana Fullmer and I , her and i got super close and she just left to go into the field,
the last one is of a bunch of the hermanas and I before prayer meeting!

                            The Hermanas in the Dominican Republic District

                       Hermana Fullmer and Hermana Green (Forever Friends)

                                         Hermana Fullmer and Hermana Green

                                       Hermana Green's Desk at the MTC

Hermana Green's MTC Bunk Bed

Below is a portion of our email from Hermana Green that we wanted to share with everyone. Love that Hermana Green has a testimony that Families Can Be Together Forever!!!

I love you both more than you know. Thank you for raising me the way you did. I am crying while typing this because I dont know how i got so lucky to be in the family, stake, and have the people in my life that i have now. I am beyond grateful and every time i go to the temple i am overwhelmed with joy because i know that no matter how far away I am, or if something happens to one of my family members, I know that we can all be together for time and eternity sealed as a family, and my desire for that same thing is stronger than ever.
I love you both so much.


  1. Thank you Greens! I am loving her emails! They are inspiring and she is just awesome!!
    Praying for Hermana Green.
    Tami Holmes