Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week 36

Hermana Cortes is Going Home.  Last Sunday Serving Together.
Hermana's Forever


Wow, okay I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission on Saturday.  So this last month of April, the mission had a goal to get 40 baptisms, and our zone set the goal of 22.  We were working really, really, hard as a zone and mission to get these baptisms.  It was Saturday afternoon, we had just finished doing a service project and were eating lunch when we got a call from the Hermanas Entrenadoras/Trainers (Hermana Josie and Hermana Larsen), they told us they had been thinking about all the investigators they knew about in our zone who they felt could be ready to be baptized the very last day of April, and they thought of Ivette and Nicole.  They then asked us if we thought they could be baptized the next day.  I was taken by surprise but we told them we would pray about it and tell them what answer we received.  Hermana Zimmerman and I prayed, and after we were done, we just both started crying.  My heart was POUNDING out of my chest and I immediately knew that this was a strong confirmation from the Spirit saying that they are prepared and ready to be baptized.  We decided to walk over to their house, there was a thunderstorm going on and we were walking right into it.  We got to their house, not knowing if they'd be there or not.  They were there, but Ivette felt super sick and we practically begged her to see if we could share this experience with them and invite them to be baptized, but she felt super sick, so we couldn't.  Normally, after a situation like this, I would've cried and been very disappointed.  But, one of the biggest things I have learned this last transfer is how to handle adversities and Heavenly Father's timing with a smile, and with faith.  We followed one of the biggest promptings we had ever received, and even though it didn't have the result we wanted, I still felt successful knowing that we followed the Spirit.

We were going to teach Cindy last Friday, but she wasn't at home, so we thought she was probably in the plaza.  So we walked to the plaza and she was there!  She was talking to these three people from New York, and we stood there talking about the Church for almost 45 minutes.  I immediately bonded with one of the ladies named Maria.  She was super nice.  We were about to leave, and I saw she had a tattoo of a semicolon on her body.  I immediately knew what that tattoo meant (Side note:  A couple years ago there was a message that went around in social media saying that those who had been affected by any mental illness would write a little semicolon on their wrist, I recognized that, and she had the semicolon tattooed on her wrist and shoulder).  So I said, "Your tattoo is a semicolon, right?  I know what that means, Stay strong.”  She started crying, and asked how I knew what it meant.  I told her that I have dealt with anxieties before as well, and that I had to learn to overcome it.  She then asked, "how did you overcome it?" and I answered, with tears in my eyes, and bore my testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement and the wonderful Plan of Salvation.  So by chance, I just happened to have an English folleto/pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation in my bag, and I gave it to her.  She gave me this HUGE hug and had me write down my email and my name so we could stay in contact.  Once we were about to leave she said, "I am never going to forget you, you are amazing, thanks for what you're doing."  It's miracles like these that help me recognize, that everyone needs to know they are loved, and a child of God.

Ivette and Nicole: Nicole went to a youth activity for the church on Friday and really liked it!  They came to church and we are going to see them this Thursday and invite them to be baptized.  Woo, I’m so excited to share our amazing Spiritual experience with them!

Thomas and Claribelle Ruiz: We met Thomas (a father) and his Mom, last week contacting this one street by our house.  He had been taught by missionaries before in Wisconsin.  He loves the Joseph Smith Story and we had a lesson with him and his Mom on Saturday night.  We could tell that they were prepared, so we invited them to be baptized.  They want to be baptized but they want to check and see if they can do it on the 20th of May.  Thomas right after asks, " Is it okay if I fast about it to get my answer from God?" and I was so shocked but said, " Of course!"  We're excited to see where this leads.

Zone conference last week was AMAZING.  It was so, so, so, incredible.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I sang a solo and it went well!  I sang, "Yo se que me ama al Salvador". ( I Know My Father Lives)  It's really pretty, and a primary song!  I'll sing it for you when we skype on Mother’s day.  TWO WEEKS WOOOOO! We are skyping at Obispo's house and I am so STOKED for you to talk to him.  He is hilarious and helps us a lot. 

Zone Conference in Ponce my First Area
Reunion with Hermana Josie
Reunion With Hermana Pearce
Reunion with Hermana Holton Waters & Guevara

I GOT YOUR HAND WRITTEN LETTER MOM IN THE MAIL AND I LOVED IT!  9 pages, wow I am impressed!  It seriously made my week.  It came exactly when I needed it and it was absolutely perfect.  I just love you, mom. Your letter meant the world to me. Hermana Zimmerman and I loved the cute colored hearts you sent in the letter. 


Celebrating 8 months of Service!

TRANSFERS ARE TOMORROW! I am staying with Hermana Zimmerman in Cabo Rojo and Hermana Antonio is LEAVING AND WE ARE SO SAD!!   She is going to Carolina, in a trio.  Hermana Cortes is done with her mission and goes home this week.  This little house of four has become some of my best friends, and what is so hard about the mission, you make these amazing Amistades with people from different countries, but then you never know when you're going to see them again, but I know that they are meant to be in my life forever.  I love them so much.

Wow, Dad I am tearing up just reading your Spiritual thought and the amazing updates about Neno, and the Spiritual experiences (tender mercies of the Lord) you all have had.  I am grateful that the video my investigator sent of me singing in one of our lessons was able to help Neno and Mom when they were feeling down.  I love being part of the Green/Gubernick family, and take great joy that I am sealed to this crazy, loving family of ours for all eternity.  I know the Lord is watching over Neno and our family, and that brings me great peace and comfort. 

I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who watches over us all.  I am grateful for the love I have felt from family and friends these past eight months.  I love this Gospel and know it's true without a shadow of a doubt. 

Till next week,
Hermana Green

I Love this Place!

Faro Los Morrillos de Cabo Rojo

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